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Abdul Wahid Al Rostamani Group announces renewal of main sponsorship with Shabab Alahli Club for the upcoming 2021-2022 sports season. The signing ceremony took place at the Nissan of Arabian Automobiles showroom in Deira, in the presence of Khalid Abdul Wahid Al Rostamani, Chairman and CEO of Abdul Wahid Al Rostamani Group and H.E. Lieutenant General Mohamed Ahmed Al Marri, board member of Shabab Alahli club.

Khalid Abdul Wahid Al Rostamani congratulated the team for their achievements and expressed his joy over the continuation of the partnership with Shabab Alahli, saying: “It gives us great pride at Abdul Wahid Al Rostamani Group to be the main sponsor of the Shabab Alahli Club for the second consecutive year. Our sponsorship comes as a recognition of the club’s exceptional performance and shared objective to encourage, empower and uplift the country’s youth through competitive sports. The club has continuously raised the level of sportsmanship in Dubai from a global perspective, in line with the aspirations of the Emirate’s wise leadership over the past half-century. Together, we are on the path towards the next 50."

During the ceremony, the group celebrated the club’s winning of three prestigious trophies for 2020-21 season — the UAE President’s Cup, the Super Cup and the Arabian Gulf Super Cup.

H.E. Lieutenant General Mohammed Ahmed Al Marri said: "The celebration of the club’s accomplishments, given the team’s exceptional performance over the past season, consolidates the renewal of the sponsorship contract between Shabab Alahli and AW Rostamani Group. We are pleased to progress upon this distinguished partnership, and we aspire to continue working together and with greater strength in the pursuit of even more achievements.”

Mahdi Ali, coach; and star players Majid Nasser, Carlos Eduardo, Yahya AlGhassani, Waled Husain and Salmin Khamis were also present at the ceremony.