Immerse Yourself in the Future of Transportation

Explore. Interact. Dream. It all happens at Nissan Crossing in Ginza, Japan, where visitors can get up close and personal with the possibilities for how we’ll all get around in the future. Make no mistake. This isn’t just a car dealership or showroom, it’s a totally immersive experience. The main theme? Nissan Intelligent Mobility, Nissan’s ultimate vision of personal transportation with Zero Emissions and Zero Fatalities. Visitors from around the world get an all-access pass to some of the most important advances in automotive technology, including futuristic concepts as well as cars you might see on the road sooner than you might think. Or maybe you’ve always wished for a spin in the 600-horsepower GT-R supercar. Just head for the 4D racing simulator, an amazingly lifelike virtual reality experience. 

A Landmark Of Innovation

Nissan Crossing is a complete re-do of the Nissan Gallery, a Ginza landmark for over 50 years. Now it literally lights up the streets of Tokyo’s glitzy, high-fashion district, thanks to its all-new Virtual Façade, featuring a “digi-tech” display of embedded LEDs. The interior space is just as dramatic. Its one-of-a-kind, nearly impossible to construct spiral design was achieved with computerized fabrication techniques used in automotive manufacturing. The space changes colour with the time, season, and scheduled event, keeping it fresh for visitors year-round. A beacon of innovation in the heart of Ginza, Nissan Crossing has earned several prestigious awards calling out its stand-out architecture and design.

A Quick Tour of Nissan Crossing

Nissan Crossing virtual facade exterior

Virtual Façade

Let’s start with the street view – not just an exterior wall but a dynamic canvas, projecting the energy of the space within. Featuring LED lights embedded in a glass surface across the second floor, the Virtual Façade can quickly switch appearance and colour. In Façade Mode, it perfectly melds with the rest of the building exterior. For an even more dramatic statement, Artist Mode displays unique installations by renowned artists and designers.   

Nissan Crossing cylinder exhibit space

The Cylinder

Welcoming you at the main entrance, the Cylinder showcases an iconic or rarely seen Nissan vehicle – from concept cars that embody the spirit of innovation to vintage Nissans that represent a milestone in history. 

Nissan Crossing center stage exhibit space

Center Stage

Nissan Crossing’s non-linear exhibition design encourages you to explore on your own in a space whose sweeping lines and continuous forms may remind you of cars’ swoopy aerodynamics. On display at Center Stage, you might find some of Nissan’s most tech-forward electric and autonomous vehicles – embodiments of the company’s overarching vision to move people to a better world.

Nissan Crossing spiral stage exhibit space

Spiral Stage

Organic, dynamic, and energetic, the Spiral design theme gives the environment a sense of constant motion and reflects your own journey through the space. On the Spiral Stage, ribbons of light curl above the display vehicles, perfectly illuminating their styling cues. 

Make no mistake. This isn’t just a car dealership or showroom, it’s a totally immersive experience.

Nissan Crossing cylinder top exhibit space

Cylinder top

In the penthouse, so to speak, vehicles that represent the epitome of the Nissan brand are displayed on a turntable.

Nissan Crossing theater screen

The Theater

High-definition films with powerful surround sound envelop you in another world. 

Nissan Crossing interactive wall display

Interactive Wall

Want a deeper dive? Explore Nissan’s rich history and bold vision using an interactive digital wall-space.

Nissan Crossing coffee drinks with macchi-art

Crossing Cafe

When it’s time to refuel, stop by Crossing Café, where MACCHI-ART espresso lets you top off your latte with a little self-expression. Choose from a lineup of Nissan vehicles, or upload one of your own photos to turn your coffee into a work of art.

Nissan Crossing boutique display case

Nissan Boutique

If you’d like a memento of your visit, stop by the Nissan Boutique. You’ll find model cars, of course, as well as the Nissan Crafts Art Collection, which integrates Japanese tradition with international themes.


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